Cloud Connected Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

  • Simple and wireless. No finicky wifi connections.  Turn it on and sanitize.
  • Dual mode communication - low frequency radio or LTE mobile network.  The stand automatically chooses the best option
  • No need to locate the hand sanitizer stand near a power outlet.  Charge the battery every 6-8 months and you're set.
hand sanitizer stand in a lobby

makes people put away their phones and pay attention

  • Users have to put down their smartphones to sanitize their hands, giving your message their uninterrupted concentration
  • Easy to customize the face of the sanitizer with either advertisements or community messages.  Peel-and-stick vinyl decals can be changed quickly and cheaply
  • Lets you greet your guests with a customized "act of care."
  • Brands report a 35% increase in purchases when Hygio towers advertise their products

Sanitizing as a Service means Low upfront investment

  • Purchase our tower outright, or lease it for a low monthly rate on a two-year plan
  • Monthly lease plan includes sanitizing fluid, online reporting, one year warranty, and tower rental
  • Prices start at $3 per day - less than a cup of coffee!  Volume discounts available

Masks protect better when used with hand sanitizing

  • Research has shown that using masks and hand sanitizers together is the only effective way to prevent infection
  • Wireless connection and cloud-based reporting allow you to compare hand sanitizer usage between stands to measure effectiveness and intervene where necessary to encourage usage
  • Online monitoring of battery and sanitizer levels from anywhere in the world ensures that service is always available

people like our hand sanitizer stand better

  • Touchless hand sanitizer dispenser means you don't have to contaminate your hands to sanitize them.
  • No sticking your hands into a "sanitizing tunnel."
  • Located anywhere they're needed - wireless design lets you place them where you want them.
  • Stable and solid - weighs over 40 lbs and stands almost 4' tall.

Hand Sanitizing Solutions for every industry

Schools and Universities

Prepare for a safe reopening

Restaurants and Bars

Greet your guests with a customized "act of care"

Retail, Travel and Leisure

Welcome your customers back safely

...And many more solutions

Sanitizing solutions for every situation