Sanitizing Solutions for

Schools and universities

wireless intelligent hand sanitizing dispensers

lower the risk of infection with our connected network of sanitizing solutions


Prevent infection

  • Research shows that masks together with regular and frequent hand sanitizing is much better at preventing infection than either alone.
  • Can be located anywhere and tailored with messages encouraging staff and students to sanitize regularly
  • Track differences in hand sanitizing across locations and intervene where necessary to ensure good practices

reduce your risk

  • Backed by five years of research and development, our towers are the best sanitizing dispenser on the market today
  • Wireless connection and cloud-based reporting lets you track usage, predict busy periods, and plan servicing schedules so that towers are never empty
  • Our intelligent, connected solutions reduce the chance of an expensive virus-induced shutdown

turn a cost into a revenue opportunity

  • Towers are easily customizable with your messages
  • Promote upcoming events, advertise local businesses, or sell space to national advertisers
  • Encourage alumni to sponsor a tower for the classroom, dorm, or academic department they remember most fondly

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